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Tordney is a brand that serves as reminder of small wonders in life.

Crumbs and sauces after a delicious meal?
Small smudge on your perfect makeup?
Fingerprints on your busy screens?

Light wipes with a handkerchief gets the job done!

Fashion Fabrics Fate

With fast fashion on the trend, the clothing and textile industry is currently the 2nd largest polluter in the world. Factories produce rolls of textile samples for fashion brands to choose from, and bulk sections of unfavoured patterns, cut-out scraps and strips are removed from designing tables end up in in landfills. With 11.2 million tons of textiles disposed from production factories, sampling rooms and cutting floors, there must be a better ending for these fabrics...

"With our hands on some perfectly weaved,
delicately designed fabrics waiting to transform into fine accessories, 

We see the perfect opportunity to take pressure off mother Earth and do our part in reducing waste. "

The Tordney Handkerchief

Key idea: upcycle, less waste

Going through mountains of fabrics in storage units and production factories of international brands, we have strict selection criteria to help us do our work. We look for 100% cotton fabrics kept in good condition and hygienic environment. The texture and touch of the fabrics are equally important to the colour and pattern, keeping in mind that handkerchiefs are kept very close to skin. 

True Value of Local Production

Key idea: community engagement

From there, we go a step further in our path of supporting and embracing the local community: we work with talented seamstresses in our city to handmade our handkerchiefs. Sending the selected fabrics from storage to the seamstresses, they show their delicate crafting skills and talent through every single piece they cut and all the edges and logo they sew on. Each piece are products lovingly handmade by the seamstresses, with patience and care.

Why Handkerchiefs?

Handkerchief does the job it is designed for. It is made for swiftly cleaning all surfaces, whether it being your lips, face, hands, mobile phone or glasses. 

The reusable fabric creates zero waste, and helps you avoid an overflowing bin filled with single-use tissue papers. 

We straightly select fabrics that are 100% cotton, so it is non-irritant on any skin types. It is also soft and gentle on your face and hands. 

The multiple colours and patterns makes sophisticated and classy accessories for your pockets, you can stylishly match them to your outfit, your shoes, or your mood!

Product Descriptions

Classic and functional accessory for everyday use. Put it close to reach - your back pocket, handbag, briefcase and more.

Handcrafted in Hong Kong

Made from finely woven fabrics

100% cotton – they get softer over time!

Size: 25 x 25 cm / 10” x 10”

How to keep my handkerchief sanitary?

One of the main concerns when purchasing a handkerchief, is that it seems unsanitary. You wipe all kinds of sauces, dust or fluids with it, and you put it back into your pocket. 

We have a few tips on how it is usually done, to keep it clean and chic.

First, handkerchiefs are a personal item! Keep usage limited to yourself! Do not share your hankie with others, then it does not get contaminated with environmental germs!

Next tip, always fold after use, and avoid using the same spot every time. Flip the used sides inwards after a swipe, so you can have a new area to clean your items next time. 

Last but not least, change to a new piece everyday! Some would suggest keeping several in your bags so you can swap them when it feels too dirty for coming hours. Generally, one handkerchief per day is enough if you're not in particularly dusty or humid environment. Wash the handkerchiefs often and regularly, and you would always have one in your pocket when needed!

Style Options

Picnic Black
Picnic Black
Picnic Black
Picnic Black
Red Plaid
Red Plaid
Red Plaid
Red Plaid
Triangle Blue
Triangle Blue
Triangle Blue
Triangle Blue
Light Blue Stripes
Light Blue Stripes
Light Blue Stripes
Light Blue Stripes

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Every item you own carry a piece of you. 

We've written our side of the story, hoping to inspire you to create your own Handkerchief story. Read our blog post to jump start your hankie journey.

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