Handkerchiefs | A Personal Story

New Product | New Milestone

The festive season has arrived. Here at Tordney, our team have good news to share. In addition to our watch collections, a new product line is launched - handkerchiefs! As a brand that started with watches, we are nervous about offering handkerchiefs. With humility, we hope they will be appreciated as much as their timepiece counterparts. 

Why Handkerchiefs?

Handkerchiefs have always been our beloved accessory. In an attempt to use less tissue, handkerchief is making a comeback. Not only is it a sustainable alternative, it remains a timeless all rounder. Our handkerchief collection contains classic patterns perfect for everyday use, as well as playful prints for blissful days. Pick one that matches your mood of the day.

What are handkerchiefs for?

Benefits of using handkerchiefs have well been documented. Primarily you will help the environment by using less tissue. They are also good as pocket square, hair tie, wrist band, or a handy wrapping cloth that carries your small items. Apart from its practical use, we are equally fond of the emotional tie you can develop over time with handkerchiefs – something a piece of tissue cannot offer.

Lovingly Handmade & 100% cotton 

Tordney handkerchiefs are proudly handmade in Hong Kong by skilled seamstresses. Whenever possible, we engage with the local community in offering fine products that add value to your life. Each piece of fabric has been carefully inspected, measured, cut and sewn by hand. A sign of exceptional craftsmanship, you will find very thin hand rolled edges on our handkerchiefs. 

All handkerchiefs are 100% cotton because it is soft (gentler on your skin!), durable, moisture absorbent and machine washable. Cotton handkerchiefs soften after each wash, they get snugly as they age. Over time, handkerchiefs carry your personal history – your happy tears, milk moustache, sweat, nasal discharge (from that winter flu!), blood from paper cut (ouch) and more. Because cotton handkerchiefs can last for years, they will be there to share your ups and downs. All your precious memories live on in the handkerchief.

Handkerchiefs as gift become a story by itself. As a personal item kept close to reach, handkerchief serves as a reminder – you are there for all those joyful and miserable moments.

Before Handkerchiefs Become a Part of Your Memory

Tordney handkerchief collection is a result of relentless support from our production partner. They showed us how cotton fabric differs from each other, patiently explaining why one is stiffer than the other, how such pattern is printed. Along the way, we have learnt to appreciate what it takes to produce a piece of fabric and that the fabrics have different personality and story just like all of us.

Handkerchief Care

Tordney handkerchiefs are easy to care for. Simply wash in cold water and hang dry. Cool iron and avoid bleach.

Congratulations on creating your own handkerchief story.

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