Small wonders in life

When distractions are kept to minimal, we are more likely to discover the small wonders in life! Our design is based on this principle. Instead of creating a feature-packed timepiece, we focus on the details. Likewise, we believe time should be mindfully spent rather than rushing from one place to another; meeting one deadline to another. Life is primarily about connecting with yourself, loved ones and the world.

Our Mono and Dual collections are inspired by traditional pocket watches with small seconds subdial. For months, our designers have worked closely with watchmakers to perfect the design after multiple rounds of prototype building and testing. We are proud of every timepiece we create!

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Sapphire crystal

All our watches are equipped with sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating vapour-deposited to the inside. Sapphire crystal is widely used on luxury watches due to its toughness and aesthetic appearance. It is highly scratch resistant with Mohs hardness grade 9 (second to diamond). Thus it is hardly breakable. Our watches are fitted with domed sapphire crystal, which protects and perfectly projects the beautifully designed watch dial.

Tordney is one of the few brands that adopts sapphire crystal at comparable price levels.

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Easy time adjustment

The embossed crown on the Mono and Dual collections is specially designed to be pulled off and rotated easily. You can be sure time adjustment will be a smooth and straightforward task.

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Italian vegetable tanned leather strap

The Mono and Dual collections are fitted with Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather with matching stitches. We use vegetable tanned leather because it is more gentle on your skin and the environment. Vegetable-tanning is craftsmanship on its own. Natural patina develops over time to form a unique part of your history.

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Stainless steel case perfected by CNC

To ensure our watches are long-lasting, watch case is made from anti-corrosion 316L stainless steel. CNC technology is used to perfect the case by computer controlled cutter. Our watches are water resistant of up to 5 ATM.

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