Read | Small Pleasures

A Reunion

One night I was enjoying dinner with a highschool friend at Kitchen Savvy – our all-time favourite hideout. A familiar face passed by. She sat at the table across ours, chatting with her family, yes I remember her family too.

There she is, my primary school friend whom I lost contact with for over 20 years! I was transported back to my happy school days where our pure friendship flourished. It was an amazing feeling, having been reunited with someone who formed an important part of your childhood.

I was at first hesitant to approach her, but my dinner companion encouraged me to because there may not be another chance. Ceasing the moment, I walked over and called her by the full name (yes that’s how we used to call each other in primary). I was greeted by a big hug and beaming smile.

A Gift

In the weeks that followed we met up to catch up on each other’s life up to this point, from family, study, work, life, dreams to watches (oh yes she’s a watch enthusiast!) and more. We visited a lifestyle store after one of the catch-up, it was there I saw a copy of Small Pleasures lying beautifully on the shelf. The introduction reads:

So often we exhaust ourselves and the planet in search for very large pleasures – while all around us lies a wealth of small pleasures – if only we paid more attention – could daily bring us solace and joy at little cost and effort.

My primary friend bought me this book as a gift.

A Reminder

When starting Tordney, we had similar thought. But sometimes we got carried away and it is easy to forget why we started it. Tordney is a brand that reminds people of the small wonders in life. Yes, that is why we started it all.

Challenges, disappointment, failure, frustration and exhaustion would not stop us from doing it. Not only have I been reunited with a long lost friend, but I am once again reminded of the mission we set out to accomplish. Reading Small Pleasures is a good way to remember this.

An Inspiration

This book goes deep into a single moment to explore joy hidden in our everyday life. Some of the chapters that touch me the most include Sunbathing, A Hot Bath, Pleasant Exhaustion after a Productive Day and Sunday Mornings.

These are the things close to us. In fact, it is so close that we have almost become unaware of the pleasure they bring. From refreshed perspectives, readers rediscover the comfort and happiness brought by the most ordinary object or happenings. The way this book appreciates the things in life is filled with patience, grace and love.

A Connection

Inspired by the book, some small pleasures come into mind:

Seeing someone wearing the same sneakers in the elevator
Someone in the park playing your favourite music
Bumping into a charming restaurant during random stroll in the neighbourhood

All these represent a form of spontaneous connection we make in a matter of moment, yet they have the power to brighten up our day. Life may not always be the way we want it to be. But we can always look for small pleasures around us.

P.S The blog photo features Small Pleasures accidentally placed on vol. 3 of The Mills Paper - we admire the content in both reading material.