Watchmaking and life journey

Welcome to our first blog post. This is a place where we share thoughts with anyone interested in learning more about Tordney. Most importantly, it is where we let our mind settle.

We are in the watchmaking business, but our life purpose is to connect with others. From the very beginning, our vision is to create a brand that becomes a reminder of the small wonders in life. To do this, we ourselves must first be able to spot the subtle beauty scattered along this watchmaking journey. It is easier to discover the small wonders when distraction is kept to minimal. Rather than hiding from the crowd, it is the ability to sustain inner peace moment to moment. This can be a challenge when the world is filled with noise, but it is a lifelong lesson worth learning. With a peaceful mind, one will be able to see clearer and deeper of things; when what is truly important can be discovered. And it is usually these precious discoveries that gives us joy. Our motto “mindfully designed, joyfully created” is based on this belief. Alongside watchmaking, we remind ourselves not to forget the small wonders that come out of it. This can be customer’s positive feedback, late night brainstorming session (you know the excitement when the dots connect!), or achieving a milestone we considered too demanding (for example Kickstarter!).

The snow globe

A figurative way to describe our vision is the snow globe. The shimmering magic of snowfall is fascinating. But it is more difficult to see clearly inside the globe when snowing. Likewise, the snowman inside cannot see what is happening outside of the globe. When the snow finally subsides, everyone has a clearer vision. When working on Tordney, we experienced fair bit of snowstorm that blocked our vision. A “snowstorm” can be doubt, hesitation, fear of failure and other negative emotions. Confronted by an ever-growing task list, for example, can be overwhelming. As startup, we have to be fast learners. From website building, watchmaking, packaging to fulfilment, we got our hands on every part of the project. There were times we argued over the smallest details, were sleep deprived, blamed ourselves for the wrong decisions made… Gradually, however, we learned to prioritize and identify what actually deserves our energy.

The positive side of the snow, is that we gained deeper understanding of ourselves. We start to appreciate that the snowstorm is often triggered by our wish to do our best. A lot of times, emotions associated with the snowstorm simply means we do not know the right way to make things work. When we admit that there are things we do not know, we accept snowstorm as part of the journey.