Pros and cons of quick release

During the development of our debut collection, we debated whether it is necessary to use quick release strap. The bigger question is, should we swim with the tide? Quick release system has been around for some time but started gaining popularity in recent years. Seeing many brands offer this, we asked ourselves if we need to follow suit. With the help from straps supplier, we tried to learn more about the pros and cons of installing quick release system. The good, easy straps replacement. Tools are not required to give your watch a new look. Quick release system allows anyone to change straps whenever they want. It is convenient especially for those without experience changing straps. But what happens when the spring bar breaks? When it does, it can be difficult to replace it without damaging the leather strap.

Can you take the quick release spring bar out?

If you have a quick release strap, you will notice that is not easy to take the spring bar out. Chances are you will need to cut open a part of the strap to take it out. The spring bar is securely wrapped up by leather to provide sufficient leverage when pushing the spring bar down. In most cases, your spring bar will work just fine. In the rare case that it breaks, it may also mean the end of your strap’s life. Between shortcut to changing straps and keeping them intact, we opted for the latter. We hope you can keep the vegetable-tanned straps longer. This is because our leather patinas over time and we hope the straps stay on your wrist long enough for you to see that. Try taking picture of your new timepiece and compare it with the actual watch after a year or so. You can probably spot some subtle differences!

Swim with or against the tide?

Underlying the quick release dilemma is a bigger question – whether to swim with or against the tide. When working on Tordney, we inevitably compared ourselves with other brands. We panicked over the things we have not done that others are good at. With limited resources, how can we do everything that everyone else is doing? For a period of time, we felt inadequate.

Fortunately, our love of walking gave us precious time to calm down and refocus. These aimless walks reminded us to enjoy the journey, and each step taken along the way. There may be times we forget why we started this journey. When we let the mind settle, we become closer to rediscovering the beginner’s mind.