On the Road to Perfection

Another milestone

It’s autumn – the time of year filled with days perfect for hiking, picnic, and all activities in touch with nature. In line with changing of seasons, Tordney has taken the time to reflect on and relish our journey. This fall, we’re launching a new website. We hope you enjoy browsing, and that this website helps you to know us a little more. After months of preparation, it is with great pleasure we share with you the hard work of a group of talents.

The credit roll

The photos! They were taken by Helmut and Katja at Barroso Studio in Germany. Their passion, patience, creativity and professionalism deeply moved us. From the very beginning, they have tried to understand our needs. This was reassuring given that we were communicating our ideas from another part of the world. It was not exactly easy to tell what kind of photos we need but it is an important skill to learn. Compared to our previous photo shooting session, this one has a much clearer direction. We had so much fun making mood boards!

We are also blessed with a enthusiastic intern, Annabelle. She is a team player eager to contribute new ideas. Without her, we would not have started our collaborator series (stay tuned!) Her energy and positive spirit lightened up our studio, which would occasionally be clouded with setbacks. We thank her for being a breath of fresh air!

Last but not least, we are deeply grateful to all writers, painters, calligraphers, musicians, poets, photographers, and creators of all things wonderful. Few things can be more therapeutic than immersing in great reads or appreciating masterly artwork. Thank you for nourishing our creative mind and making our lives richer. Your great work will continue to inspire us.

Lesson learned

We are a small but uncompromising team. It is good and it is not so good. When working on the new website (well on other projects as well), we would try to make everything “perfect”. Our website launch was slightly delayed because we wanted to be perfectly “ready”. The more we go through the website content, the more we see the need for modification. The urge to refine seemed never-ending, we were always critical of our own work.

Our energy was spent on making a perfect website, yet we keep forgetting there will be no perfect website. For a while we may be happy with what has been created. Sooner or later, though, the website will need a makeover. New collections will be added, new features will be introduced, and additional content will be created. We are evolving, same goes to the website. We need time to evolve, to learn from the past. It is based on past experience that we improve overtime. As long as we carry on with the same earnestness, we will be closer to perfection.

We tell ourselves – be patient.