Live in the Moment

Pictured below is the message card we created for our timepiece, the writing constitutes our brand philosophy. On one side, it is a gentle reminder of the importance of living in the moment.

By this we mean being present at all times. When we walk, for example, it’s easy to let our mind wander off to another universe – we think about the upcoming tasks, last night’s dinner with friends, house mortgage and many more. Without knowing it, you’ve arrived at your destination but you don’t remember anyone or anything you saw along the road. Your body is walking but your mind is miles apart. At dinner, you watch TV or scroll your smartphone. Without knowing it, you’ve finished off a meal that someone thoughtfully prepared for you. Small wonders are everywhere, but you can only see them when you put your heart in it. We cannot turn back time yet we can choose how we spend the next moment.

Discover the small wonders

Along the watchmaking journey, we keep reminding ourselves not to overlook efforts made by others. We take time to reflect on each steps taken, to recall those who lent us a helping hand on the way, to acknowledge their contributions. As written on our message card, Tordney is an idea brought to life by many talents – they’re craftsman in their own field. By this we mean they do their job with devotion, precision, concentration and patience. Craftsmanship is the spirit of striving for perfection by devoting one’s heart and soul. Demonstration of craftsmanship is possible regardless of one’s position. Whether it is the craftsman who polishes the watch case, the tanner who processes the leather, or the printing house that produces our message card, they strive for perfection in their own way. These may be the small things but together they are what make a successful watch brand. Perfection is not attained overnight, yet it is an ideal that guide us through the days. On the way to perfection, persistence is what pulls us through. We know failure is part of the package but we also know that everyone in the team is trying hard. Small wonders are being able to see the good in others, they light up your world in the blink of an eye.

By the same token…

In our daily life, contributions made by others are everywhere if we look close enough. The train driver who takes you to your destination; the farmer who grows your vegetables; the janitor who keeps your office space hygienic; and the journalists who work on the newspaper you read; those who built the road we walk on. We probably do not know them in person, but there are many who have helped make our lives better. And of course, our family and friends have done more for us than we ever knew. Give yourself time and space to savour the moment, small wonders will reveal themselves - they have been around all the while!