Watchmaking | From home-style workshops to the largest international export

Embracing history

One of the special features of our new collection is that it is proudly assembled by passionate craftsmen in Hong Kong. We are more than joyful to have found a dedicated supplier in this fast-paced city, not just because we are based in here, but also because the city has grown from humble watch component manufacturer into the world's top complete watch export hub – a chapter of glamorous history spanning decades. Having the new collection assembled in Hong Kong is our small tribute to the Hong Kong watch industry.

Hong Kong watchmakers

When planning our new collection, we are grateful to be able to work with a Hong Kong based supplier. They were generous enough to walk us through their workshop. From quality checking of components, assembling, water resistance testing, strap installation and packaging, craftsmen in this vibrant city put their heart and soul into producing quality timepiece with great value. Touring the stylish workshop and looking at pad printing done on watch dials remind us of the good old days of Hong Kong watch industry. 

How it all started

Back when the Second World War ended, Hong Kong’s economy started to recover. One of the blooming industries is locally produced watch components. Homestyle workshop with mostly female workers produced metal and leather straps, as these small scale “production lines” allowed the mothers to take care of their children while earning extra cash for the family. The production of watch cases recruited previous masters or craftsmen of metal ware or mechanics for work. With tools from their previous jobs, they worked in tenements or stores with domestic machines. Most of the knowledge and crafting skills are learnt through apprenticeship.

The Golden era

Through the 50s to 60s, taking advantage of the large amount of components being produced in Hong Kong, businesses imported watch movements from Germany, Switzerland and Soviet Union after trading bans were lifted. The family-style workshops in old districts grew into factories with multi-process, and expanded into watch assembling businesses. In the late 1980s, the number of watch factories registered in Hong Kong grew from 237 to 1187. In the same years, Hong Kong became the largest export in the watch industry. Later in the decade, factories moved north in seek of cheaper manpower and rent, while the administrative and design departments stayed in offices of Hong Kong skyscrapers.

True wonders

Hong Kong being our roots, we are proud to have found our supplier who to this day, assembles timepiece in this city we call home. Each piece of the watch condensed century long history of craftsmanship, from their masters, and the many generations before. Such spirit is the true wonder of the new collection.

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